A downloadable game

The game is divided into 4 chapters. 

1) The Start (get a grasp on how pen and papers work)

2) Cobb's Web (escape the puzzle heavy mansion to find out what happened)

3) Silky Business (engage with interesting characters and uncover their complex relations and secrets by the means of roleplay)

4) Untangle (find out how it all ends)

Game is made by Carlo di Paolo (Itch.io), Luca Martinelli (Itch.io), Maximilian Pichler () and last but not least, me, Sam Luckhardt. Big thanks to my team for helping me craft this amazing experience from the initial story. We really made something unique together and we are very proud to present you our game: "Thornrose".

Thanks for reading! You can reach me at der@samluckhardt.com. Feedback and everything else always welcome. 

Current version of the game: 1.0 final version

HAPPY PLAYING and thanks for your time!

Install instructions

Print the game and give your desired dungeon master all of it. It doesn't matter if he has no experience playing pen and paper games. The game is made so all three players including the dungeon master will have fun exploring the rich lore, solve interesting puzzles and decipher the secret behind everything. The game is meant to be played by 3 players. 1 dungeon master 2 players. 

The dungeon master starts by putting up an upright blockade made out of 4 DINA4 pages of sturdy paper. Glue the 2 overviews (chapter 2 (the mansion) and chapter 3 (the town)) on. Cut out the character cards and item cards, spread your two books in front of you and you're good to go.

OPTIONAL: You can build the box yourself. The lid and base are supplied. HAPPY GAMING!


Thornrose_luckhardt_martinelli_dipaolo_pichler.zip 196 MB