A downloadable game for Windows

4 player online party game. Compete in randomly selected weird games against your friends. Between tentacle high noon or racing butts, you'll laugh while trying to figure out the correct controls.

"I love your stupid game" - Robbie 2020

developed by 

Hanna Borbola https://hannaborbola.itch.io/ (Environment Art, Character Art, UI) LinkedIn

Paul Kettmann https://dermitdemschwert.itch.io/ (Gameplay Programming, Game Design)

Sam Luckhardt https://slank.itch.io/ (Humour, Game Design, Level Design, Narrative Design & Writing, SFX, Producing, Scripts) Twitter LinkedIn

Benjamin Grill https://meltdragon.itch.io/ (Programming, Systems Engineering, Multiplayer Integration) LinkedIn

with help from

Prof. Csongor Baranyai in his design course at the UE Berlin

and a guest contribution of a crazy level by 

Maximilian Pichler https://itch.io/profile/maximax


Extraordinary playtest contributions by:
Jim Luckhardt
Robbie Prince


Toybox Trouble v7.3.0.zip 89 MB

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